Oil Shale

2000, vol. 17, No. 3

  Editor's Page 77-79
  1. T. Kiipli, R. A. Batchelor, J. P. Bernal, Ch. Cowing, M. Hagel-Brunnstrom, M. N. Ingham, D. Johnson, J. Kivisilla, Ch. Knaack, P. Kump, R. Lozano, D. Michiels, K. Orlova, E. Pirrus, R. M. Rousseau, J. Ruzicka, H. Sandstrom, J. P. Willis. Seven sedimentary rock reference samples from Estonia 215-223
  2. M. Koel, S. Ljovin, Ye. Bondar. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of Estonian oil shale 225-232
  3. A. Ebber. Separation of oil shale phenols by capillary electrophoresis 233-240
  4. B. Avid, B. Purevsuren, J. Dugarjav. Pyrolysis and thermogravimetric investigation of the Mongolian Khoot oil shale 241-251
  5. E. Volkov, O. Potapov. The optimal process to utilize oil shale in power industry 252-260
  6. Y. H. Zhao. Study on production of low-solidification-point fuel oil from Fushun shale oil 261-265
  7. Guo Shaohui. Solvent extraction of Jordanian oil shale kerogen 266-270
  8. A. Krichko. Hydrogenation of oil shale and polymers 271-285
  9. L. Grigoryeva, Yu. Zhirjakov, L. Kekisheva, J. Soone. Oil shale alkyl resorcinols as components of chemicals for rubber mixes and heterochain polymers (Summary) 287-298
  10. 21st Century (ISLR 2000)
  11. 2000 AAPG Annual Convention

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