Oil Shale

1995, vol. 12, No. 1

  1. Editor's Page 1
  2. N. Domanova, Yu. Norvatov, I. Petrova. Study of hydrodynamic conditions of the Vasavere buried valley (Summary) 3-14
  3. Li Shuyuan, Wang Jianqiu, Wu Zhaoliang, Qian Jialin. Study on reaction kinetics of oil shale and source rock 15-30
  4. L. Pápay. Distribution of sulphur in some Hungarian oil shales (alginites) 31-37
  5. V. Fainberg, G. Hetsroni, S. Leichter. Ichthyol production from Israeli shale oil 39-45
  6. V. Yefimov, J. Pulemyotov, S. Doilov. Influence of segregation of oil shale at its charging to retort on retorting efficiency (Summary) 47-61
  7. E. Parakhonsky. Underground fires in oil shale mines: special traits of their spreading, extinguishing and liquidating of consequences (Summary) 63-77
  8. A. Adamson, E. Reinsalu, L. Uibopuu.About the outset of mining in Estonia 79-86
  9. Seventy years of Estonian oil shale processing industry (Jubilee Conference, December 7-8, 1994, Kohtla-Järve, Estonia) 87-91
10. Anto Raukas   -   60 93
11. Anatoli Allik   -   90 94

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