Oil Shale

1995, vol. 12, No. 3

  1. Editor's Page: AGU AARNA 1915 - 1989 193
  2. L. Mölder. 80 years since the birth of AGU AARNA 195-198
  3. O. Aarna. AGU AARNA  -  rector of Tallinn Technical University 199-201
  4. A. Aarna. Isothermal decomposition of Baltic oil shale 203-212
  5. P. Christjanson, H. Lippmaa. Development of alkylresorcinol-formaldehyde resin (DFK) chemistry and applications 213-233
  6. V. Vyssotskaja. Investigations in the field of oil shale pyrolysis in the Institute of Chemistry of the Estonian Academy of Sciences 235-237
  7. L. Pets, Ü. Haldna. Microelements in Estonian and Green River (U.S.A.) oil shales:
a quantitative comparison
  8. I. Öpik, V. Yefimov. An analysis of the RAS "Kiviter" energy balances and development plans 247-257
  9. Oil shale consumption quantities in Estonia, 1994 258
10. E. Raidma. Diglycidyl ethers from shale oil alkyl resorcinols.
2. Methods for production and characteristics of uncured alkyl resorcinol epoxy resins

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