Oil Shale

1995, vol. 12, No. 4

  1. Editor's Page: Oil shale in the 21st century 273-274
  2. A. Loog, J. Aruväli, V. Petersell. Authigenic carbonate minerals in the Tremadocian graptolitic argillite of Estonia 275-287
  3. E. Lippmaa, R. Teeäär, E. Maremäe. Estonian Dictyonema shale and Swedish alum shale. Estimation of aromaticities by 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy 289-296
  4. I. Johannes, L. Mölder, Y. Paukku, L. Tiikma. A colorimetric method for selective determination of non-volatile phenols in water 297-304
  5. V. Fainberg, I. Ishai, G. Hetsroni, S. Leichter. High-sulphur shale oil as a prime matter for bitumen production 305-316
  6. V. Yefimov, S. Doilov, I. Pulemyotov. Research and experimental processing of high-sulphur oil shales 317-340
  7. T. Parve, A. Ots, B.-J. Skrifars, M. Hupa. The sintering of Estonian oil shale ashes 341-356
  8. M. Svatovskaya, L. Fraiman, G. Stelmakh, V. Chikul. Utilization of shale processing wastes in the cement industry 357-361
In Memoriam
  9. Olaf Eisen 363-364

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