Oil Shale

1996, vol. 13, No. 1

  1. Editor's Page 1
  2. V. Kashirskii. Problems of the development of Russian oil shale industry 3-5
  3. Zhou Chilin. General description of Fushun oil shale retorting factory in China   7-11
  4. H. Luik, N. Vink, E. Lindaru. Upgrading of Estonian shale oil
1. Effects of hydrogenation on the chemical composition of kukersite retort oil
  5. I. Johannes, L. Tiikma, L. Mölder, J. Paukku. Synthesis of nitroso derivatives of alkylresorcinols originated from oil shale 21-27
  6. L. Maripuu, A. Ignat. Application of inverse gas-liquid chromatography for determination of thermodynamic properties of test compounds in oil high-boiling oils 29-36
  7. K.-A. A. Yorudas. Some features characterizing the relationship between the content of organic matter
and heat of combustion of carbonate-containing rocks (Summary)
  8. V. Liblik, H. Kundel. Pollution sources and formation of air contamination multicomponential concentration fields of organic substances in north-eastern Estonia 43-64
  9. K. Tenno, A. Laur. Model analysis of development strategy for the Estonian fuel-energy complex 65-72
10. H. Arro, A. Prikk. Improving operation of wet gas cleaning equipment by dilution of circulating wash solution to avoid gypsum deposits 73-78

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