Oil Shale

1996, vol. 13, No. 2

  1. Editor's Page 81
  2. Zhou Chilin. Production of carbon black from shale oil in China 83-86
  3. Fainberg, G. Hetsroni. Research and development in oil shale combustion and processing in Israel 87-99
  4. N. Domanova, A. Krapiva. Water level regime of the Kurtna group of lakes 101-114
  5. I. P. Christjanson, A. Suurpere, A. Köösel. Characterization of resorcinol- and phenol-formaldehyde prepolymers by 1H NMR spectroscopy 115-122
  6. V. Yefimov, T. Purre. Main factors influencing efficiency of processing large particle oil shale in vertical retorts 123-132
  7. A. Tasa, E. B. Lindström. Biological desulphurization of Estonian oil shale 133-143
  8. I. Johannes, L. Mölder, Y. Paukku, L. Tiikma. Determination of non-volatile phenols in waste waters of oil shale processing enterprices 145-153
  9. Enno Reinsalu  -  60 155-156
10. Alfred Reier  -  75 157
11. Joint Announcement of the Southern Petroleum NL A.C.N. 008 460 366, and Central Pacific Minerals NL A.C.N. 008 460 651158 158-160

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