Oil Shale

1996, vol. 13, No. 3

  1. Editor's Page 162
  2. Eighty Anniversary of Oil-Shale Mining in Estonia 161-170
  3. E. Bondar, M. Bityukov, V. Palu, V. Kattai. Carbon isotope composition in the Early Palaeozoic crude oils, natural bitumens and kerogeneous rocks of the Baltic region 171-183
  4. I. Blyakhina, K. Urov. Formation of decomposition products from Dictyonema shale during the last stages of semicoking 185-192
  5. H. Luik, E. Lindaru, N. Vink. Upgrading of Estonian shale oil
2. Effect of hydrogenation on the properties of kukersite retort oil
  6. H. Luik., A.-M. Müürisepp, N. Vink, M. Liiv . Upgrading of Estonian shale oil
3. Hydrogenation of phenols
  7. P. Christjanson, K. Siimer, A. Suurpere. Co-condensation of (alkyl)resorcinols with methylolureas 205-217
  8. H. Karik. The Estonian national program for sustainable resource development and its connection with teaching about fossil fuels in chemistry courses 219-226
  9. R. Päsok. Reorganization of oil shale mining in Estonia 227-238
10. I. Öpik, A. Prikk.The 41 MWe LLB CFB-boiler as model for 200 MWe oil-shale blocks 239-245
11. V. Yefimov.Creation of an oil-shale industry in Kazakhstan may become a reality 247-248
12. Scientist in engineering Arvo Ots   -   65 249

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