Oil Shale

1996, vol. 13, No. 4

  1. Editor's Page: Estonian oil shale energy, when will it come to an end? 257-264
  2. V. Jefimov, S. Doilov, I. Pulemyotov. Low-sulphur oil shale research and experimental processing 265-285
  3. L. Mölder, I. Johannes, H. Tamvelius, L. Tiikma. Improvement study for the dephenolization plant at the RAS "Kiviter" oil shale processing facility 287-308
  4. M. Mandre, V. Liblik, J. Rauk, A. Rätsep, L. Tuulmets. Impact of air pollutants emitted from the oil shale industry on conifers 309-324
  5. I. Qian Jialin, Wang Guojin, Li Shuyuan, Wang Jianqiu. Laboratory experiments and mathematical modelling of oil shale fluidized combustion and sulfur dioxide evolution 325-331
  6. V. Kashirskii. Study of non-isothermic stage of Baltic oil shale rapid pyrolysis (Summary) 333-340
  7. A. Loog, J. Aruväli, V. Petersell. The nature of potassium in Tremadocian Dictyonema shale (Estonia) 341-350

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