Oil Shale

1997, vol. 14, No. 1

  1. Editor's Page 3-4
  2. T. Minster, S. Ilani, O. Yoffe, J. Kronfeld. Manganese as an indicator of the intensity of anoxia during the deposition of the Senonian Oil Shales in the Negev, Israel 5-18
  3. I. Klesment, E. Bondar. Biogeochemical aspects of evolution of sapropelites according to data of molecular palaeontology 19-40
  4. I. Johannes, L. Mölder, L. Tiikma. Evaluation of solid phase extraction limits 41-49
  5. M. Kougiya, L. Fraiman. Hollow microspheres of coal and oil shale ashes 51-58
  6. K. Senchugov, A. Kaidalov, L. Shaparenko, A. Popov, B. Kindorkin, V. Lushnyak, V. Chikul,
A. Elenurm, M. Marguste.
Utilization of rubber waste in mixture with oil shale in destructive thermal processing using the method of solid heat carrier
  7. R. Joonas, V. Yefimov, I. Pulemyotov, S. Doilov. Waste tires as raw material for producing alternative liquid fuel (Summary) 67-75
  8. V. Yefimov, S. Doilov, I. Pulemyotov. Development of ecologically acceptable technology for processing large particle kukersite in vertical retorts 77-83
  9. Kaarli Urov   -   60 85-86
10. Jaan Kark 87-88
In memoriam
11. Aleksandr Kozhevnikov 89-90

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