Oil Shale

1997, vol. 14, No. 2

  1. Editor's Page 97
  2. Ilmar Öpik 99-102
  3. Professor Ilmar Öpik - a symbol of Estonian engineering mind 103-108
  4. V. Yefimov, S. Doilov, I. Pulemyotov, V. Omelyanenko, S. Yefimov. Experimental oil shale retort with separate take-off of oil vapours and gasification gas 109-114
  5. Yu. Rundygin, G. Alfimov, A. Rundygin, J. Maarend, K. Grigoryev,Yu. Arkhipov, R. Kuusik. Possibilities of deeper desulfurization of flue gases by oil shale ash components in different burning technologies 115-131
  6. V. Fainberg, G. Hetsroni, T. Feiglin, A. Schwartz. High-sulfur shale oil as a component of rubber stocks 133-142
  7. M. Starshov, I. Starshov, Yu. Rakutin. Extraction of natural bitumen from bituminous carbonate rocks (Summary) 143-153
  8. A. Toomik, T. Tomberg. Blast vibrations in oil shale surface mining 155-162
  9. L. Pets. Depositions of macro- and microelements from atmospheric emission of oil shale ashes in northeastern Estonia (Summary) 163-170
10. R. Uuesoo. Combustion of spent shale in fluidized bed 171-183
11. Werner Kikas   -   80 185
12. RAS Kiviter 186
13. Journal Ecological chemistry 187

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