Oil Shale

1997, vol. 14, No. 3

  Editor's Page
  1. Ilmar Öpik. Energy strategy for Estonia 337-340
  2. Ü. Rudi. 60 years of the Estonian Energy Research Institute 341-346
  3. J.-M. Punning, V. Liblik, T. Alliksaar. History of fly ash emission and palaeorecords of atmospheric deposition in the oil shale combustion area 347-362
  4. N. Domanova, V. Fyodorov. Application of infiltration basins as water protection structures (in the Kurtna Landscape Reserve) (Summary) 363-374
  5. P. Christjanson, A. Köösel A. Suurpere. 1H NMR study of 2,5-dimethylresorcinol-methylolphenol co-condensation 375-383
  6. Luo Rongtao, Su Yongqiang, Zheng Fuwu, Zhang Qi. Maoming oil shale concentric circle jalousie thin layer retorting (CCJTLR) test 385-391
  7. T. Kaljuvee, A. Trikkel, R. Kuusik. Reactivity of oil shale ashes towards sulfur dioxide. 1. Activation of high-temperature ashes 393-407
  8. M. Mandre. Changes in a forest landscape affected by alkaline industrial dust 409-418
  9. H. Luik, I. Klesment. Liquefaction of kukersite concentrate at 330-370 °C in supercritical solvents 419-432

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