Oil Shale

1997, vol. 14, No. 3 Special

  Editor's Page
  1. A. Ots. Where should the oil shale power engineering be directed? 193-194
  2. A. Ots. Thermal Engineering Department of Tallinn Technical University 195-208
  3. A. Prikk, H. Arro. Circulating fluidized bed combustion – the technology exact for Estonian oil shale 209-214
  4. H. Arro, A. Prikk, J. Kasemetsa. Circulating fluidized bed technology – test combustion of Estonian oil shale 215-217
  5. H. Arro, A. Prikk, J. Kasemetsa. On the fouling of heat transfer surfaces of CFB oil shale boiler 218-224
  6. H. Arro, A. Prikk, J. Kasemetsa. Grain composition and corrosive activity of ash from CFB oil shale boiler 225-235
  7. A. Ots, A. Paist. Laboratory investigations of high temperature corrosion of boiler alloys under the impact of Estonian oil shale ash 236-245
  8. H. Arro, A. Prikk, J. Kasemetsa. Recommendations for design of Estonian oil shale fired CFB boilers 246-253
  9. A. Prikk, M. Hiltunen, P. Makkonen. Circulating fluidized bed boilers 254-264
10. I. Külaots, A. Ots, P. Yrjas, M. Hupa, P. Backman. Sulpation of Estonian an Israeli oil shale ashes under atmospheric and pressurized combustion conditions 265-283
11. A. Ots, T. Pihu, A. Hlebnikov. The influence of pressure on the behaviour of oil shale carbonates 284-298
12. A. Poobus, T. Tiikma. Some design aspects of recovery boiler for oil shale retorting unit SHC-3000 299-306
13. H. Tallermo, T. Lausmaa, I. Klevtsov, M. Nuutre. The influence of chlorine in ash deposits on 12Cr1MoV alloy high temperature corrosion 307-316
14. H. Tallermo, E. Tomann, I. Klevtsov, T. Bojarinova, M. Nuutre. Corrosion resistance of ferritic alloys 13 CrMo 44 and 10 CrMo 910 in conditions of superheaters of pulverized oil shale boiler 317-327
15. H. Suik. Crack in recovery boiler 328-334
In Memoriam
16. Harri Käär 335-336

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