Oil Shale

1997, vol. 14, No. 4

  Editor's Page
  1. A. Kogerman. Oil Shale on a visit in Moscow 562-564
  2. J. O. Jaber, S. D. Probert, O. Badr. Prospects for the exploitation of Jordanian oil shale 565-578
  3. I. Johannes, L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius. Hydrolysis of butyl acetate 579-590
  4. V. Vysotskaya, K. Urov. Influence of the dispersion degree of mineral additives on the yield and composition of kukersite 591-598
  5. V. Yefimov, S. Doilov, I. Pulemyotov. Some common traits of thermal destruction of oil shales from various deposits of the world 599-604
  6. V. G. Kashirskii. Investigation on oxidative pyrolysis of Volga-basin high-sulfur shales (Summary) 605-611
  7. A. Mikhalchenkov. Main trends and results of the applied research centre of AS Eesti Pölevkivi (Summary) 613-623
  8. A. Kogerman. Archaic manner of low-temperature carbonization of oil shale in wartime Germany 625-629

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