Oil Shale

1997, vol. 14, No. 4 Special

  Editor's Page
  1. E. Talpsep, E. Heinaru, J. Truu, T. Laht, H. Wand, U. Stottmeister, A. Heinaru. Functional dynamics of microbial populations in waters contaminated with phenolic leachate 435-453
  2. E. Heinaru, E. Talpsep, A. Linnas, A. Heinaru, U. Stottmeister. Metabolic and genetic diversity of phenol-utilizing bacteria as an enhancer of natural biodegradation in polluted waters 454-468
  3. A. Kahru, M. Kurvet, I. Kurvet. Study of the toxicological impact of different components of ash-heap water (sulphur rich phenolic leachate) using luminescent bacteria as test organisms 469-475
  4. K. Orupõld, A. Ohlsson, T. Henrysson. Batch trials to simulate biological treatment in lagoons of leachate from oil-shale ash heaps 476-487
  5. F. J. Castaldi. Single sludge activated sludge biological treatment of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in combined municipal and industrial waste- waters from the Kohtla-Järve region of Estonia 488-508
  6. K. Hellat, A. Mashirin, P. Nigu, K. Orupõld, T. Tenno. Biodegradability studies of Kohtla-Järve wastewaters by activated sludge respiration 509-517
  7. T. Kikas, K. Tammeveski, T. Tenno. BOD measurement in phenolic waste- waters by using biosensor based on immobilised bacteria 518-525
  8. J. Truu, T. Alamäe, E.Heinaru, E. Talpsep, U. Kokassaar, T. Tenno, A. Heinaru. Impact of oil shale mine water on microbiological and chemical composition of north-eastern Estonian rivers 526-532
  9. I. Johannes, L. Mölder, L. Tiikma. Concentration of oil shale originated phenols by SPE 533-543
10. I. E. Sooba, O. Jáuregui, M. T. Galceran, T. Tenno. Determination of phenols by liquid chromatography with electrochemical and UV detection 544-553
11. R. Rahe. Short review of investigations on the treatment of oil shale industry wastewaters in 1960-1990 554-560

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