Oil Shale

1998, vol. 15, No. 1

  1. Editor's Page. Aili Kogerman 1-2
  2. J. O. Jaber, S. D. Probert, M. A. Tahat. Oil shale integrated tri-generation system: the technology and predicted performance 3-30
  3. V. Vysotskaya, I. Blyakhina, K. Urov. Dependence of the yield and composition of semicoking products on the moisture content of shale 31-36
  4. L. Grigoryeva, L. Kekisheva. The use of shale oil derived alkylresorcinol in bactericidal detergent compositions (Summary) 42
  5. V. Arro, T. Kaldvee, L. Moor. Investigation into making electrically conductive fillers from oil shale electrode 45-54
  6. V. Yefimov, N. Nazinin, S. Doilov, I. Pulemyotov. Specific features of high-capacity retorts with a circular semicoking chamber (Summary) 63-64
  7. A. Toomik, T. Tomberg. Blast vibrations in oil shale underground mining Maoming oil shale concentric circle jalousie thin layer retorting (CCJTLR) test 65-74
  8. V. Liblik, H. Kundel. Air quality complex index for estimation of air pollution situations 75-90
  9. V. Yefimov. Alberta Taciuk Process (ATP) selected for retorting Australian oil shale 91-92

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