Oil Shale

1998, vol. 15, No. 2 Special

  Editor's Page
  1. E. Reinsalu. Is Estonian oil shale beneficial in the future?   97-101
  2. V. Kattai, U. Lokk. Historical review of the kukersite oil shale exploration in Estonia 102-110
  3. E. Reinsalu. Criteria and size of Estonian oil shale reserves 111-133
  4. I. Valgma. An evaluation of technological overburden thickness limit of oil shale open casts by using draglines 134-146
  5. J.-R. Pastarus. Analysis of the roof and pillar design in Estonia's oil shale mines 147-156
  6. V. Undusk. Safety factor of pillars 157-164
  7. V. Lauringson. Estimation of factors influencing the productivity of LHD machines in Estonian oil shale mines 165-169
  8. A. Toomik. Environmental heritage of oil shale mining 170-183
  9. I. Ípik. Future outlook of the Estonian oil shale and power industry 184-185
10. A. Adamson. Breakage of oil shale by mining 186-205
11. L. Uibopuu. The story of oil sale mining research 206-209

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