Oil Shale

1998, vol. 15, No. 3

  Editor's Page 219-220
  1. L. Pápay. Varieties of sulphur in the alginite sequence of Kössen facies from the borehole Rezi Rzt1 (W-Hungary) 221-231
  2. I. Johannes, L. Mölder, L. Tiikma. Test method for the total content of non-volatile phenols in wasterwater 232-238
  3. E. Puura, A. Pihlak. Oxidation of Dictyonema shale in Maardu mining waste dumps 239-267
  4. L. Pets. Probable modes of occurrance of elements in kukersite mineral matter (Summary) 268-276
  5. A. Tasa, O. H. Tuovinen. Biological leaching of shales - a review 277-294
  6. I. Öpik. Future of the Estonian oil shale energy sector 295-301
  7. Jüri Kann   60 217
  8. Young Estonian scientists:   E. Puura and S. Veski 308-309
  9. Väino Viilup   70 303-304
10. Armin Öpik   100 305-307

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