Oil Shale

1998, vol. 15, No. 4

  Editor's Page:
  1. Jialin Qian. History and current status of oil shale industry in China 313-315
  2. Wang Jianqiu, Xu Jialin, Wang Hongqi. Agricultural utilization of Maoming oil shale ash 316-328
  3. H. Arro, A. Prikk, T. Pihu. Calculation of composition of Estonian oil shale and its combustion products on the basis of heating value 329-340
  4. A. Rätsep, V. Liblik. Changes in physico-chemical composition of mine water in closed Kiviõli oil shale mine 341-352
  5. M. Mandre, K. Ots, J. Rauk, L. Tuulmets. Impact of air pollution emitted from the cement industry on forest bioproduction 353-364
  6. L. Grigoryeva, S. Pastushkova, A. Tshepelevich. Synthesis of nitrogen-containing corrosion inhibitors based on benzole acid and its derivatives (Summary) 365-373
  7. P. Christjanson, A. Köösel, A. Suurpere. Evaluation of condensation rate of methylolphenols 374-383
  8. V. Yefimov, I. Pulemyotov, S. Doilov. Investigation and pilot-scale processing of Russian coals 384-390
  9. L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius,L. Tiikma, T. Tshuryumova. Viscosity, stability and compatibility of shale oil distillates 391-397
10. Masaichi D. Yamamoto   85 399-400
11. Eduard Volkov   60 401-402

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