Oil Shale

1999, vol. 16, No. 1

1. Editor's Page. Hillar Aben 1
2. J. O. Jaber, S. D. Probert, M. A. Tahat. Predicted environmental and social impacts of the proposed oil shale integrated tri-generation system (OSITGS)  2-­29
3. I. Johannes, H. Tamvelius, L. Tiikma. Nitrosation kinetics of 5-methyl-resorcinol 30-­41
4. L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius, L. Tiikma, T. Tshuryumova. Viscosity of shale oil binary blends 42-­50
5. R. Kuusik, T. Kaljuvee, A. Trikkel. Reactivity of oil shale ashes towards sulfur dioxide.
2. Low-temperature ashes formed by using CFBC technology
6. K. Laigna. LEMY-System in the aerology of the underground mining 64-­75
7. L. Pets. Transition of microelements into Estonian soils at liming with oil shale fly ash from cyclones and cement dust: quantitative aspects (Summary) 76-­83
8. L. Pets. Transition of elements into Estonian soils at forced and spontaneous liming (Summary) 84-­93
9. Pavel Bogovski   80 94-­96

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