Oil Shale

1999, vol. 16, No. 2

  Editor's Page 97
  1. E. Puura. Technogenic minerals in the waste rock heaps of Estonian oil shale mines and their use to predict the environmental impact of the waste 99-107
  2. I. A. Toomik, T. Tomberg. The impact of blasting depth on the intensity of ground vibrations 109-115
  3. N. Domanova. Experience of underworking a water basin (in conditions of Estonian oil shale deposit) (Summary) 117-123
  4. Li Shuyuan, Wang Guojin, Wang Jianqiu, Qian Jialin. Characteristics of NOx emission in fluidized bed combustion of oil shale 125-132
  5. L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius, L. Tiikma. Viscosity of shale oil originated distillate oil - residual petroleum oil binary blends 133-140
  6. H. Luik, E. Lindaru, N. Vink, L. Maripuu. Upgrading of Estonian shale oil distillation fractions.
1. Hydrogenation of the "diesel fraction"
  7. V. Yefimov, I. Pulemyotov, S. Doilov. Low-temperature processing of Colombian coal in experimental retort 149-155
  8. V. Kashirskii, G. Varnakhova. Heterocyclic sulfur compounds in low-boiling fractions of oil obtained at retorting Volga-basin shales (Summary) 157-160
  9. E. Volkov, G. Stelmakh. The stages of research on creating commercial units for processing the oil shale fines.
Development of the process "Galoter" in 1944-1999
10. Vladimir Proskuryakov   80 187
11. Vladimir Kashirskii   85 189
12. Additional 1999 issues of Oil Shale 191

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