Oil Shale

1999, vol. 16, No. 3

  Editor's Page
  1. I. Öpik. Black scenario of oil shale power generating in Estonia 193-196
  2. J. O. Jaber, S. D. Probert, P. T. Williams. Influence of particle size, grade and pyrolysis temperature on the oil yield from Jordanian oil shales 197-221
  3. I. Blyakhina, K. Urov. Thermal decomposition of oil shales in the temperature region 520-800 oC 223-230
  4. Ü. Lille. On the origin of 5-alkyl-1,3-benzenediols in the retort oil of Estonian kukersite 231-237
  5. L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius, L. Tiikma. Viscosity and stability of distillate petroleum oil - residual petroleum oil and distillate petroleum oil - shale oil binary blends 239-248
  6. H. Luik, N. Vink, E. Lindaru, L. Maripuu. Upgrading of Estonian shale oil distillation fractions. 2. The effect of time and hydrogen pressure on the yield and composition of "diesel fraction" hydrogenation products 249-256
  7. M. Mandre, K. Ots, J. Rauk. The state of the forest ecosystem in an area of oil shale mining and processing. 1. Chemical composition of trees and environment 257-271
  8. L. Õispuu, R. Randmann, R. Rootamm, K. Ingermann. The features of oil shale burnt at Estonian power plants in 1959-1997 273-282
  9. V. Yefimov. Meeting with American specialists 283-286
10. Additional 1999 issues of Oil Shale 222
11. Professor Andrei Krichko   70 287
12. Natalya Kareva (Vasilyeva)   50 288

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