Oil Shale

2000, vol. 17, No. 1

  Editor's Page 1
  1. M. Starshov, N. Sitnikov, N. Ishakova. The development of complex technology for bottomhole combustion in bitumen wells 3-9
  2. Guo Shaohui. Solubility of Maoming oil shale kerogen 11-16
  3. Guo Shaohui. Structural characterization of Maoming oil shale kerogen 17-23
  4. H. Luik, N. Vink, E. Lindaru, L. Maripuu. Upgrading of Estonian shale oil distillation fractions. 5. Hydrogenation of heavy mazute 25-30
  5. H. Luik, N. Vink, L. Maripuu, E. Lindaru. Upgrading of Estonian shale oil distillation fractions. 6. The effect of time and temperature on the yield and composition of heavy mazute hydrogenation products 31-36
  6. L. Õispuu, R. Randmann, R. Rootamm, K. Ingermann. Calorific value and amounts of oil shale delivered to power plants from mines and opencasts in 1968-1997 37-44
  7. H. Aruküla. Evaluation of variability of Estonian oil shale quality characteristics 45-50
  8. K. Laigna. Natural removal of poison gas impurities in oil-shale mines atmospheres 51-60
  9. V. G. Kashirskii, V. S. Petelina. Production of aromatic hydrocarbons by pyrolysis of pulverized shale 61-64
10. The third world mining environment congress 65-69
11. 125 years from the birth of Academician Alexandr Skotchinskii 71
12. Anto Raukas   65 73
13. Peep Christjanson   60 73

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