Oil Shale

2000, vol. 17, No. 2

  Editor's Page 77-79
  1. H. Kundel, V. Liblik. Emission of volatile phenols from stabilization ponds of oil shale ash dump leachate 81-94
  2. A. Rätsep, V. Liblik. Technogenic waterflows generated by oil shale mining: impact on Purtse catchment rivers 95-112
  3. M. Kaasik, Ü. Sõukand. Balance of alkaline and acidic pollution loads in the area affected by oil shale combustion 113-128
  4. S. Babichenko, A. Leeben, L. Poryvkina, E. Rull, S. Lapimaa. Spectral characterization of terrestrial and coastal waters in Estonia 129-140
  5. V. Liblik, A. Toomik, E. Rull, M. Pensa. Underground mining long-term impacts on forest lands 141-153
  6. M. Pensa, V. Liblik, A. Sellin. Growth and needle retention of scots pine trees in the region of oil shale industry 154-167
  7. K. Ots, J. Rauk, M. Mandre. The state of the forest ecosystem in an area of oil shale mining and processing. 2. Morphological characteristics of Norway spruce 168-183
  8. J.-M. Punning, T. Koff, T. Alliksaar. Matter fluxes in Lake Matsimäe (Central Estonia) estimated from traps and sediment records 184-200
  9. I. Valgma. Post-stripping processes and the landscape of mined areas in Estonian oil shale open casts 201-212

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