Oil Shale

1990, vol. 7, No. 1 - 4

No. P.
  1. G. V. Alfimov, V. Ju. Zakharov, Ju. A. Rundygin, O. O. Sarbutcheva. Mathematical modelling of the motion of fuel and ash particles in a three- dimensional space of the furnace (Summary) 3 - 4 312-320
  2. N. I. Barabaner, I. Z. Kaganovich. Raw material base problems in the Estonian oil-shale industry (Summary) 3 - 4 302-311
  3. N. V. Bodoev, S. V. Denisov, E. V. Sabeleva, D. F. Kushnarjov. Comparative investigation of Devonian fossil fuels from the Kuznetsk basin (Summary) 2 122-130
  4. E. B. Bondar, M. M. Bityukov, M. G. Kuusik. Peculiarities of oil shales deposition in the Silurian (Summary) 3 - 4 193-205
  5. E. B. Bondar, M. G. Kuusik, E. A. Svetozarsky. Geochemical characterization of low Suzak oil shales of Uzbekistan (Summary) 1 19-25
  6. V. M. Chebotarjov. Two types of the process and biogeochemical structure of organic matter accumulation in oil shales (Summary) 2 105-114
  7. K. J. Dyusengaliev, A. G. Sokolova. Composition of Tyubkaragan bitumen of Kazakhstan (Summary) 3 - 4 231-327
  8. S. N. Etlin, L. A. Redco. Effect of air pollution in the oil shale region on the population's health (Summary) 2 175-181
  9. A. N. Fomin. On the nature of barzassite (Summary) 1 36-41
10. V. M. Gorlenko, S. I. Zhmur, V. V. Bernard. The autochthonous source of organic matter of oil shales of the Kouna paleogene formation of the southeastern submergence in the Great Caucasus (Summary) 1 31-35
11. V. P. Honjak, K. B. Martinovich, N. A. Bajdak. Influence of minerals on the yield and compo-
sition of Byelorussian oil shales semicolcing products (Summary)
3 - 4 286-294
12. A. A. Ievlev, A. A. Belyaev. Organic matter of black shales of the Pai-Khoi. Electron microscopic and microdiffraction study (Summary) 1 42-46
13. O. V. Ilyina, Yu. V. Pokonova, D. B. Shuiskii, M. S. Oleinik. Durability of polycondensation materials from oil-shale phenols (Summary) 1 54-58
14. V. A. Kattai, B. A. Klubov, E. A. Kala, K. A. Suuroja. Bitumen outcrops on Hiiumaa Island (Summary) 1 10-18
15. E. M. Khalimov, E. G. Gladkova, I. S. Goldberg, N. V. Kolesnikova, G. T. Yudin. Differen-
tiated estimation of U.S.S.R. bitumen resources (Summary)
3 - 4 206-217
16. I. I. Kuzmiv, Ya. B. Fraiman, L. M. Korysheva. Development of the non-waste- producing industrial complex at the Kashpir oil shale deposit (Summary). 2 182-189
17. E. J. Maremäe, O. G. Kirret. Decomposition of alum shale ashes with sulphuric acid at a low liquid phase content (Summary) 1 59-65
18. A. V. Merts, Ya. E. Yudovich, M. P. Ketris, V. L. Steiner. On the geochemistry of middle franian (D13) Ukhta domanic (Summary) 3 - 4 218-230
19. L. J. Mölder, L. V. Tiikma. Regularities of the selective extraction of mono- atomic phenols from oil-shale tar water (Summary) 1 76-86
20. A. M. Opalinskaya, V. N. Burkova, T. V. Belousova, V. Ya. Andrukhova. Antioxidant distribu-
tion in the biota, water and bottom sediments of the Southern part of Lake Baikal (Summary)
2 168-174
21. A. A. Ots. Utilization of high calcium oxide and alkali metal content fuel at the thermal power plants. 3 - 4 321-332
22. Yu. F. Patrakov, S. V. Denisov. A study of the kinetics of solid fuels thermal dissolution by the non-isothermal method (Summary) 3 - 4 272-274
23. M. G. Rudin, I. V. Zhuravleva. Shale residue processing plant (Summary) 1 87-89
24. M. I. Starshov, N. N. Sitnikov, N. T. Iskhakova. Borehole hydraylic recovery of bituminous sand. Review (Summary) 2 156-167
25. M. I. Starshov, I. M. Starshov, Z. A. Jangurazova. Sulphur-bearing compounds in the Tatar natural bitumen (Summary) 1 26-30
26. A. I. Sumberg, K. E. Urov, E. E. Aasmäe. Characteristics of Estonian lower ordovician fossil organic matter (Maardu member of the packerort horizon) (Summary) 3 - 4 238-244
27. J. T. Teder, V. R. Kadarpik, H. P. Oja. Treatment of kukersite oil shale with ammonia and am -
monium hydroxide at 320 and 350 oC (Summary)
1 66-75
28. J. T. Teder, M. E. Liiv. Gas extraction of kukersite fines in semicontinuous laboratory reactor (Summary) 2 131-138
29. V. V. Vasilyev, T. A. Purre, N. N. Vetkov. Composition of the shale oil produced by semicoking of kukersite in high capacity retorts. 1. Fractionation of shale oil by multi-step laboratory rectification (Summary) 3 - 4 295-301
30. R. E. Veski. Comparative graphostatiatical investigation of the oxidative destruction products of kukersite kerogen and humus acids (Summary) 1 47-53
31. R. E. Veski, Ya. E. Yudovich, H. A. Taal, S. M. Sidorova, L. J. Pobul. Investigation of the Pai-
-Khoi black shales (Summary)
2 97-104
32. V. V. Vysotskaja, K. E. Urov, L. A. Lahe. Oil shales in the main oil formation phase (upper Yurassic shales of Uzbekistan) (Summary) 3 - 4 212-217
33. V. M. Yefimov, H. A. Kundel, S. K. Doilov. Influence of secondary pyrolysis processes upon the yield and characteristics of oil shale thermal decomposition products (Summary) 3 - 4 275-285
34. V. M. Yefimov, R. A. Lööper, L. I. Petaja, Yu. P. Zhurakovsky. Effect of oil shale particles segregation on dust carry-over with oil vapour from generators with cross-current flow of heat carrier (Summary) 2 148-155
35. A. N. Yegorkov, L. V. Grigoryeva, Jiri Mitera, Vladislav Kubelka. Ozonization of Turov shale kerogen (Summary) 3 - 4 253-264
36. A. N. Yegorkov, L. V. Grigoryeva, V. A. Proskuryakov. Acyclic isoprenoids from Green River kerogen ozonization (Summary) 3 - 4 265-271
37. T. P. Yemets. The oil-generating potential of kerogen in the light of pyrolysis data (Summary) 1 1-9
38. Ya. E. Yudovich. Geochemical functions of bioorganic matter (black shales) in the biosphere (Summary) 3 - 4 245-252
39. Ya. E. Yudovich, V. A. Pesetskaja, A. V. Merts, M. I. Potapov. Nitrogen as a parameter of natural organic matter (Summary) 2 115-121
40. I. V. Zabellevich, L. I. Mölder, H. J. Tamvelius. Experimental verification of a model of crys -
tallization of oil-shale alkyl resorcinols (Summary)
2 139-147
41. I. P. Öpik. Über die Verwendung von Brennschiefer und Brennschieferasche beim Klinkerbrennen. 3 - 4 333-342

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