Oil Shale

1991, vol. 8, No. 1 - 4

No. P.
  1. R. Bogdanov, E. Lippmaa, S. Ozernaya, A. Pihlak. Isotopic abundance of uranium(IV) and uranium(VI) species in leachants of graptolitic argillites (Summary) 2 125-131
  2. E. Bondar, M. Kuusik, M. Bityukov. Peculiarities of oil shales deposition in the Silurian. 2.The composition of insoluble organic matter of Anabar oil shales (Low Llandowery) by thermal destruction data (Summary) 3 238-248
  3. B. Gubnitsky. Natural factors in the formation of bituminous accumulations in the southeast of the Volga-Kama arch (Summary) 3 231-237
  4. H. Holopainen. Experience of oil shale combustion in ahlstrom pyroflow CFB-boiler 3 194-209
  5. V. Kattai. Comparative analysis of the quality and technological characteristics of oil shale from the largest deposits in the U.S.S.R. European part (Summary) 2 106-115
  6. V. Kattai, E. Reinsalu. Main geological-industrial features and economic value of the Tapa kukersite deposit (Summary) 3 220-230
  7. G. Kharin, V. Kyrwel. Lithological-geochimical comparison of Lower-Ordovician kerogen-bearing rocks on the Estonian mainland and the Baltic sea bottom (Summary) 4 306-315
  8. G. Khrustalyova, N. Cherkashin, N. Pogrebnova. The composition and quality of Lower-Eocene oil shales of the Samarkand District (Uzbekistan) (Summary) 1 2-12
  9. A. Lapo, M. Vdovets. Heavy metals in the environment of the Kohtla-Järve area, Estonia 2 169-176
10. E. Maremäe, I. Johannes, V. Ahelik. The percolative leaching of alum shale's sulphated ashes (Summary) 2 138-147
11. E. Maremäe, L. Ründal, V. Ahelik. Study of the process of multistage leaching of alum shale's sulphated ashes (Summary) 1 27-38
12. E. Maremäe H. Taal. Metal extraction from alum shale ashes under the effect of ammonium sulphate 4 337-341
13. L. Maripuu, J. Arro. Application of inverse gas-liquid chromatography to elucidating thermo-
dynamic properties of high-boiling oils (Summary)
4 324-332
14. B. Naumov. Pollution of hydrosphere by leaching of dictyonema shale in waste dumps of the Maardu openpits (Summary) 3 266-274
15. Peng Dehong, Qian Jialin. Oil shale activities in China 2 97-105
16. L. Pets, P. Vaganov, E. Turbas, I. Shtangeeva, S. Felitsyn. Influence of chalking by dust-like oil-shale ash on meadow grass microelements concentration 1 60-66
17. E. Reinsalu. Economical development of Estonian oil shale industry 3 275-280
18. A. Rulkov, A. Levin, V. Terras. Proximate method for diagnosing rock strength (Summary) 4 316-323
19. I. Shtein, V. Kattai, R. Veski. Use of Karelian shungites for the grit of the roofing material (Summary) 4 342-349
20. V. Sidorkin, A. Kniga, N. Rakitina. The opportunity of NOx emissions reduction for the pulvarized oil shale fired boilers 4 355-359
21. M. Starshov, I. Starshov. Selective extraction of natural bitumen (Summary) 1 46-49
22. A. Sumberg, K. Urov. The effect of quartz on the yield and composition of kukersite semicoking products 1 13-18
23. J. Teder, N. Vink, L. Nappa. Treatment of Lipovetsk liptobiolith with ammonia (Summary) 1 19-26
24. L. Tiikma, L. Mölder. The selective extraction of monoatomic phenols from oil-shale tar water by the benzine fraction (Summary) 2 148-157
25. L. Tiikma, L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius. Resources of water-soluble alkylresorcinols in the oil fractions and retort water formed by processing oil shale in generators of high unit capacity 4 350-354
26. K. Urov, V. Vysotskaya. Influence of halloysite on the thermal decomposition of kukersite kerogen (Summary) 4 333-336
27. R. Veski, S. Sidorova, H. Taal, L. Pobul. Investigation of Tutonchana oil shale. 3. Oxidative and thermo-oxidative destruction data (Summary) 2 116-124
28. V. Võssotskaja, K. Urov. The effect of kaolinite on the yield and composition of kukersite semicoking products (Summary) 3 249-257
29. Wang Jianqui, Zhang Qi. Comparison of combustion behaviour between oil shale and coal under atmospheric and elevated pressure 3 210-219
30. V. Yefimov, H. Kundel. Specific features of kukersite processing in laboratory-scale and commercial retorts (Summary) 2 158-168
31. V. Yefimov, N. Nazinin, E. Piik, R. Lööper. Oil shale generators with circular retorting chamber 1 50-59
32. S. Yevstafyev, S. Chlopov, V. Tuturina. Thermodissolution of Budagovo sapropelite at high temperatures (Summary) 1 39-45
33. S. Yevstafyev, S. Plyusnin, A. Vereshchagin, N. Lindinau, V. Tuturina. Relic structures in organic substance of gelite-sapropelite 2 132-137
34. S. Yevstafyev, S. Plyusnin, A. Vereshchagin, N. Lindinau, V. Tuturina. Polycyclic hydro-
carbons in pyridine extract of sapropelite (Summary)
3 258-265
35. A. Gulliford. The oil shale boom & bust in the American West 2 177-184
36. I. Öpik. Scale up risk of developing oil shale processing units 1 67-74
37. I. Öpik. Electricity or oil from Estonian oil shale - an old problem 3 281-285
In memorium
38. In memory of professor Paul Nikolai Kogerman (1891-1951) 4 289

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