Oil Shale

1992, vol. 9, No. 1 - 4

No. P.
  1. M. Althausen. Lower Paleozoic (Riphean) metalliferous black shales (Summary) 3 194-207
  2. A. Avenirov, V. Antropov, R. Bogdanov, E. Lippmaa, A. Pihlak. A study of  alfa-radioactivity of oil shale (kukersite) fly ash (Summary) 1 34-38
  3. I. Blyakhina, K. Urov. Influence of secondary reactions on the yield and composition of shale semicoking products (Summary) 1 10-20
  4. N. V. Bodoyev, V. P. Gorkovenko. Explosion efficiency of the mixtures of ammonium nitrate with solid combustible fossil fuels (Summary) 4 314-318
  5. N. Bodoyev, N. Fyodorova, V. Lozbin, 0. Bazarova. The derivatography of sapropelitic coals (Summary) 1 3-9
  6. P. Bogovski. Carcinogenicity of oil shale processing products 2 180-184
  7. A. Elenurm, L. Mölder, I. Rohtla. Die Hydrolyse und Oxydation von Eisen- und Kalziumsulfiden im Wassermedium (Summary in Russian) 4 336-345
  8. A. Elenurm, I. Rohtla, T. Veskioja, M. Marguste, G. Stellmach, W. Tschikul. Schwefelverbin -
dungen in den festen Rückstanden der thermischen Verarbeitung des karbonatischen Brennschiefers (Summary in Russian)
3 269-276
  9. A. Gontsov, A. Vnukov, A. Vinitsky, A. Kabokin, E. Hardikova. Characteristics of the Pere -
lyub oil shale deposit (Russia) (Summary)
3 208-221
10. M. Kougiya, A. Joganson, L. Fraiman. Oil shale processing wastes as cement raw material (Summary) 1 51-62
11. H. Luik, E. Lindaru. Liquefaction of Lipovetsk liptobiolith in the presence of  CO2  and HCOONa (Summary) 2 126-137
12. E. Maremäe, V. Ahelik. Metal leaching from Baisun oil shale and its processing products under the effect of different reagents in various conditions (Summary) 1 21-29
13. E. Maremäe, V. Ahelik. Leaching of metals from Baisun oil shale and its ashes under the effect of sulphuric acid at low content of liquid phase (Summary) 2 138-144
14. L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius. Two-stage extraction of alkyl resorcinols from oil shale tar water 2 150-158
15. A. Ots. Formation of air-polluting compounds while burning oil shale 1 63-75
16. G. Ovchinnikova, M. Bichurin, S. Artyomenko. Influence of shale ash on the structure and properties of polymeric composite materials (Summary) 1 39-45
17. R. Palvadre, V. Ahelik. Possibilities of enhancing of efficiency of using organic-poor oil shales. 1. (Summary) 2 145-149
18. R. Palvadre, V. Ahelik. On the possibilities of utilizing organic-poor oil shales. 2. 4 325-329
19. E. Parakhonsky. Theoretical and technological principles of preventing spontaneous ignition of oil shale mines waste heaps (Summary) 4 346-356
20. T. Rasputina, N. Starkova, A. Mayer, L. Sultanova. Bituminous rocks as a raw material in the production of hydrocarbon gases (Summary) 1 30-33
21. M. Rudin, I. Zhuravlyova, L. Nemirovskaya. Solving of the ecological problems in the Gas-generator Station-7 construction of the Slantsekhim Industrial Amalgamation (Summary) 1 76-80
22. M. Rudin, I. Zhuravlyova, R. Vasilinets. Main project decisions concerning the Gas generator Station No. 7 in the Industrial Amalgamation "Slantsekhim" (Summmary) 2 174-179
23. Ya. Sidorovich, Ye. Martynets. Volatile substances of combustible shales (Summary) 4 310-313
24. Ya. Sidorovich, S. Terlyga, Ye. Martynets, A. Bessonov, A. Andreeva, L. Kozlova, V. Shari -
Possibilities of Kashpir shales ash use in concrete constructions (Summary)
1 46-50
25. Li Shuyuan, Qian Jialin. A mathematical model for evaluating fluidized bed combustion efficiency of oil shale 2 97-102
26. Li Shuyuan, Qian Jialin. Investigation of the pyrolysis of Fushun oil shale and Estonian kukersite lumps 3 222-230
27. J. Teder, H. Oja, N. Vink, L. Lahe. The interaction of ammonia from decomposition of hexamethylene tetramine with kukersite oil shale 3 251-259
28. L. Tiikma, L. Mölder, H. Tamvelius. Resources of water-soluble alkylresorcinols in distillates of the shale oil from generators of high unit capacity 4 330-335
29. E. Turbas. Use of oil shale ashes as a lime fertilizer in Estonia (Smmary) 4 301-309
30. K. Urov, A. Sumberg. The effect of dolomite on the yield and composition of kukersite semicoking products (Summary) 4 319-324
31. K. Urov, A. Sumberg, H. Tamvelius. Correlations between the indices of composition and pro -
perties of oil shales and their thermal decomposition products:
1. Components of oil shales (Summary)
2. The yield of semicoking products (Summary)
3. Chemical composition of shale oils (Summary)
32. K. Urov, A. Sumberg, H. Tamvelius, I. Blyakhina. Correlations between the indices of compo -
sition and properties of oil shales and their thermal decomposition products:
4. Gaseous products of thermolysis (Summary)
33. R. Veski, H. Taal, S. Sidorova, L. Pobul. Oxidative and thermo-oxidative destruction of Khodz -
haipak black shales of Uzbekistan
2 121-125
34. Takashi Yabusita. Development of oil shale retorting plant in Japan. Part 1. Construction of the pilot plant 4 292-300
35. V. Yefimov, P. Lööper, S. Doilov, P. Tsyplakov. Influence of kukersite oil shale quality on dissociation of carbonates contained in mineral matter there of upon processing that in generators (Summary) 2 159-173
36. Yu. Zhurakovsky. Influence of the efficiency of cooling the semicoke from generators with a recycle gas on water evaporation from a charging device (Summary) 3 260-268
37. A. V. Kozhevnikov. On the history of oil shale chemical processing in Russia and in Estonia (Summary) 4 361-372
38. K. Urov. An oil shale conference in Australia 1 88-90
39. I. Öpik. Scenarios for shale oil, syncrude and electricity production in Estonia in the interim 1995-2025 1 81-87
40. I. Öpik. The equivalent price of Estonian oil shale to the price of coal 2 188-192
41. I. Öpik. Nordic-IFRF course in Estonia: solid fuels utilization and environment 3 277-278
42. I. Öpik. PFBC for the combustion of Estonian oil shale? 4 357-360
43. Institute of Chemistry, Estonian Academy of Sciences, Departments of Oil Shales and Shale Oil 1 1-2
44. News in oil shale processing 4 374
45. Oil Shale Research Institute 4 289-291
46. Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Professor Mikhail Styrikovich  -  90 3 279
47. Ilmar Öpik  -  75 2 185-187
48. Ivar Rooks  -  60 4 375

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